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Our vision is that no person in Australia will go without a roof over their head whilst a set of spare keys hangs on a wall.

We believe there is no reason why, in the 21st century, there should be 80,000 empty hotel rooms in Australia on an average night, tens of thousands of empty holiday homes, granny flats and spare rooms going unused every week, and 100,000+ people without a roof over their heads.

We believe no person should have to sleep on the street, in their car, or under a bridge while there are spare keys hanging on a wall.

If you want to end Australia's homeless accommodation crisis forever, donate now.

How The Funds Will Be Used

Although we have a low cost operating model, we've still got an office to run and some pretty sophisticated websites to keep online and secure. Your donation will help us run our organisation and keep homeless people off the street.

Who You'll Be Helping

Your donation helps the Spare Keys team help put a roof over the head of people like Emily, Michael, The Mutombo Family and The Mitchells.

Read more about how we've helped them here.

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