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Tonight, somewhere near you, someone is sleeping in their car, on a couch where they’re not safe or welcome, or in a hotel they haven’t got enough money to keep paying for. You can help. Right now. Register the keys to your spare roon, Airbnb listing, hotel room or granny flat and give someone a safe place to stay.

You might even save a life. And it's easier than you think.

You can still charge enough to cover your costs, you can opt out any time, you get to approve every single guest, and there’s no pressure to make your spare keys available when you need them. Before you register, check out our FAQ, or meet some of the people we’ve helped out in the past.

How The Funds Will Be Used

Your $10 registration is a once-off tax deductable donation to help us cover the costs of managing our database.

How does it work?

When you register your spare keys, we’ll match your preferred guest preferences, location and amenities with suitable crisis accommodation providers. So, if you’re keen on sharing the keys to your spare bedroom (for example) we won’t match you with a family. If you’ve got a whole hotel with a number of spare rooms, your in prime position to be able to help a whole bunch of people. If you’re a single guy with a spare bedroom and no blue card, we’re very unlikely to match you with a female domestic violence victim and her kids – but you might be a great match for another guy who has recently lost his job and found himself sleeping in his car while he looks for work.

What sort of accommodation can I donate?

You can donate any accommodation that is safe, legal and suitable for guests – whether you manage a 1,000 room hotel, a caravan park, an Airbnb listing, or even just a spare room (see below).

Can I donate my spare room?

Yes. You can donate a single room, as long as you have the legal right to do so. We absolutely encourage anyone to donate any spare room, anywhere. That being said, single rooms aren’t suitable for all types of guests, and we’ll need to do more background checks if you intend on living in the property at the same time as guests. Don’t let that stop you from registering your keys though – if you’re keen to help out, there’ll be someone you can help.

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AU$10 +Spare Key Registration$10 registers your spare key in our database so registered crisis accommodation providers and emergency services from your local area can contact you if they need your help providing a roof over someone's head.
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