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A well-known Australian social commentator once famously published his (tongue-in-cheek) complaint that if young people stopped spending $22 a pop on smashed avocado on toast in their hipster cafes, they'd be able to afford a deposit on a house. Given the median house price in Sydney is about a million bucks, you'd want about $220,000 for a decent deposit - which is 10,000 servings of smashed avo on toast in a hipster cafe (or 192 years worth if you were eating out once a week).

What we'll do with your donation

If you don't want to wait 192 years to fund a house deposit in Sydney, but still like the idea of contributing to some real estate, we've created a way to buy a house in Sydney for only $22 - give up your smashed avo on toast for one week, donate the money to Spare Keys, and we'll put it towards a deposit on a home. If we achieve our funding goal, and get through the regulatory hurdles once the laws change (read more about them here), we'll then crowd-fund the rest of the money for the house and work with our charity partners to use the home as a shelter for domestic violence victims, families travelling to be near sick kids in hospital and people who've unexpectedly become homeless due to illness, financial circumstance or natural disaster. It's a world-first, and almost certainly the only way you'll be able to look at a piece of Sydney real estate for $22.

How it works

Funds raised from this campaign are a donation to Spare Keys Australia Ltd. Help us out now with a $22 donation, and we'll reach out to you when the opportunity to invest in Sydney property via crowd funding equity becomes legal in Australia in September 2017.


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AU$22 +$22 Donation$22 is the (alleged) cost of smashed avo on toast that The Weekend Australian said millennials should give up once or twice a week if they ever wanted to be able to afford a house in Sydney. Donate $22 to a deposit on our first homeless shelter in Sydney and you'll prove them wrong!
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AU$2200 +$2,200 donation$2,200 is a lot of avocados, and will go a long way to helping us set up a homeless shelter in Sydney. You'll also have first dibs on new investment opportunities in crisis accommodation when they're available.
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